Catholic Education Wodonga

  • Education is balanced and holistic with a focus on developing the whole person.
  • Children are on a life-long learning journey. They are naturally curious and imaginative with a desire to learn
  • Learning is both enjoyable and challenging for students.
  • Learning is developmental and children learn in different ways and at different rates.
  • Learning is student-centred with a focus on independent learning.
  • Education is communal – children belong to a number of communities – family, friends, school, parish, teams, etc.
  • Learning is relational and collaborative, where students respect self and others and grow towards becoming confident, creative and informed citizens.

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Catholic Education Wodonga Council was designed to meet the needs of the Wodonga Catholic community and replace parts of the individual governance structures of the four schools with a single shared structure.

The Council works towards a vision of

outstanding Catholic education committed to community.